Climb the mountain!


Sorry, a gratuitous delve into my youth, Mr Lattimore singing about what he would endure for love. An apt start for this post i feel. Why? I guess feeling the urge to share, connect and learn as i undertake this delicious beast of a journey with yoga, that is.

I feel privileged to be sharing knowledge passed on to me to my glorious students, and also to engage, learn from and develop my own practice as a student in turn. See, i never want to stop devouring knowledge on this path, every day presents something that completely blows my tiny mind, so what better than to undertake a little personal challenge which i´d like to share with you.

I have a bit of a habit. Social networking to be precise. Connecting, blogging, tweeting, gosh, it´s potentially all-consuming. But invigorating all the same. It was whilst pondering a yoga article on the benefits of restorative practice via Twitter that i came across a little hashtag called #365yoga via The Flying Yogini (who has a fabulous website for the record and articulates the project more eloquently than i could).

Essentially, it´s tracking the journey of my daily yoga practice, reflecting, sharing and hopefully growing along the way! A few of my challenges this year relate to writing, connecting and my yoga practice, so why not apply to make a pie? I feel so grateful to teach yoga, and each student has been divinely inspiring. What a gift to experience that in my daily life. However it´s just as important for me to continue to learn, practice, develop and grow with my own practice, and by that i´m not just referring to asanas.

I treated myself a copy of Judith Lasater’s book A Year of Living Your Yoga which offers daily pointers for reflection, serving as nice little prompts for consideration. After a few weeks privately reflecting on my daily journey i considered the possibility of sharing my experiences and impressions along the way, whether through epiphanies via soap suds whilst washing dishes, postures that make me furious are more challenging, a philosophical quandary inspired from coffee insanity, an exploration of beautiful quotations i cannot bear to keep to myself or a topical discussion on the benefits of yogic discos, for example. I hope not just to track my journey but also to inspire and stimulate dialogue either privately or openly! And become a better teacher. And student. So despite a gentle throaty fear, i´m throwing caution to the wind in anticipation of the new moon in Aquarius tomorrow and declaring “what the hell, i´m in!”

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