Bergen events Nov Dec

Newsflash: Upcoming dates in the art museums of Bergen, Norway! (plus new event at the Bergen School of Architecture!)

Hooray! Here they be! I´m mega excited to announce a new and special event – collaborating with Bergen School of Architecture for a cosy, sweet and stress relieving tonic (plus cookies!) in their new and dreamy Library next Friday evening. Hope you can join us in this very special space! Here´s a link to the facebook […]


Trouble Sleeping? Insomnia (insomni-arrrgh!) and tips on how to deal with it

In no way do I consider myself a doctor. But i´ve experienced a hell of a lot of insomnia in my lifetime (lifetime = currently 34.75 years on this planet). I know i´m not alone, and am frequently asked about ways to manage it, especially at this time of year, so I thought I would put […]


Sound advice – Waves: the swimming granny

this lovely film by Faroese filmaker Heiðrik á Heygum touched me. feeling she nails it in describing the importance of discovering the remedy to experience her moment. hope you can tune in to whatever gives you those feelings and ravish them! thanks to The Island Review for this!

dionne yoga

“It is both a blessing and a curse to feel everything so deeply”

I’m quite open about my journey with anxiety and panic attacks spurring my journey to yoga. I tend to gloss over the “gory details” though. the darkness that looms everywhere the self loathing, self harm and abusive self criticism. the traumas and hauntings from childhood abuse manifested as haunting memory the developing agoraphobia, avoidance of […]

turmeric milk

Autumn evening ritual addition (cue claxon) // Turmeric milk

Heavens of healing sweetness! A new edition to my autumn evening ritual (cue claxon) is the Ayurveda inspired super delicious cosy drink that helps set the mood for sleepytime. Sweet and spicy it has “healing spice” turmeric at its heart, which is brilliant if you´re feeling a little under the weather. It´s high in antioxidants, magnesium and […]

Eat what you want eat them too

On: the yoga and food “thing”, revisited.

✌ Loves, I’m tired of reading people lecturing others on what they should or shouldn’t eat. I’m not rejecting suggestions or to learn about food and nutrition because i appreciate those who share ideas and food is one of my fave pastimes (get in my mouth!😛👈) but when sharing and advising veers into territory that […]

do you boo

Sound Advice: On going for what you want. And not caring what people think

Don´t hate what you don´t understand. Don’t judge what you don´t understand. Be yourself for everyone is taken. And so on. I always wanted to be a writer. Correction, an author. From as long as I can remember i´ve been writing. It feels like my most comfortable realm to inhabit, surrounded by the comforting friendship […]

lick blog feature

i´m on the Lick blog!

I was featured on the @lickyogurt blog and said some things (mostly about the Lick Yoga project, my yoga “journey” through anxiety disorder and the things that ping my pants) You can read it on the Lick blog here!

yoga recipe twist 3

Yoga Recipe: “a seated twist and optional hamstring-outer hip-stretch-kind-of-thingy”

This week´s Yoga Recipe is a bit of a rinse out in celebration of Mercury going direct (last weekend) as well as the clocks going back an hour for some of us, and hopefully the “winning” of an extra hour (in bed or elsewhere). Pleased. A seated twist and optional hamstring-outer hip- stretch-kind-of-thingy (official name, […]


Newsflash: Yoga Day Retreat @ KODE Bergen!

So excited to share this with you all. Places are starting to fill so if you´re interested, let me know if you want to join us. Can´t wait! Details below or click here.  SUNDAY 30 NOVEMBER, 2014,  KODE 1 & 2, Bergen, Norway 11:00 – 16:30 THE PROJECT  Building on the success of the popular Kunst […]

autumn tree

All Change! Autumn Vata! (plus playlist)

The winds (and rains!) of change are rife, and with that, storms of plenty. Farewell, dear summer, and now Autumn beats at the door bearing golden gifts! Ayurveda, the Indian science of life, refers to Autumn as the season of the Vata dosha which is governed by the elements of wind and “ether” (that which […]


So grateful for so much – thank you for your response!

anxiety disorder

On: Anxiety Disorder. Some information