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Sound advice: It starts (and ends) with you…lessons on being alone

It wasn´t until i was in my 30s that i became really comfortable with being alone. Like properly, not just an awkward shuffling my feet somewhere, head down, trying my best to disappear in public places, or digging my phone out to call someone just to have company. A lot of it was due to being […]

Dionne Bergen Norway Dates Oct Nov 14

Newsflash: Upcoming events in Bergen, Norway!

*plonk!* Here´s the next Bergen dates and a pretty picture thanks to Kenny Muir! (all upcoming event dates are in my calendar too of course but i also like pretty pictures). The Herosalen event is called “Space is the Place” (of course inspired by one of my fave artists/musicians/dudes Sun Ra) and there’s an event […]

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Yoga Recipe & Playlist: Locusts and Sphinxes and Backbends, oh my! part 1 of 2

It´s time for a backbend or two! I tend to prefer my backbends with a starter of hip opening poses, but hey, it´s your practice. Know you can check back on some of our other Yoga Recipes here to put together your own sequence at home n stuff yeah? Cool. So onto the backbend bonanza. […]

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Letter to the folks in Bergen and the surrounding area (on: dealing with disappointment and other stories)

I´ve been really excitedly planning the autumn/winter schedule for some time now, and was hoping to share a Yoga & Supper Club special event with you this October – however, with a lot of to-ing and fro-ing and exploring many different solutions, our last venue just fell through, which is a shame, alas, prices for […]

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All Change! Autumn Vata! (plus playlist)

The winds (and rains!) of change are rife, and with that, storms of plenty. Farewell, dear summer, and now Autumn beats at the door bearing golden gifts! Ayurveda, the Indian science of life, refers to Autumn as the season of the Vata dosha which is governed by the elements of wind and “ether” (that which […]

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Introducing: The Skype Sessions!



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Yoga Recipe & Playlist: Locusts and Sphinxes and Backbends, oh my! part 2 of 2

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Sound advice: Body Talk

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Newsflash: Yoga Disco @ the Lick Warehouse, Brighton next week!

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Thick, rich, dark and spicy hot cacao recipe (in time for Autumn/Winter)