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Kulturnatt // Yoga Disco & Silent Art Disco – Pictures and Videos!

Back in Brighton after an amazing, delirious and tremendously fun time in Bergen- Grateful to have been invited to host our second Kulturnatt at KODE (art museums of Bergen) for which we curated an evening of events. First, the Yoga Disco followed by a Silent Art Disco, which were held in the magnificent Tårnsalen “tower room” in […]

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Yoga Disco // a photo series by Francesca Alviani

FRESH POTS! A full on Dave Grohl on coffee excitement and appreciation- that´s how i feel about this woman´s work! We are so grateful to the AMAZING Francesca Alviani who came along to the Yoga Disco at Landmark in Bergen and worked her magic – here´s a selection of images. Check out her other amazing work here!


Teetering on the cusp of transition: Behold! The Autumn Equinox!

Transition. This is the equinox in a conker shell! We are literally teetering on the cusp as day and night become equal portions. This year´s autumn equinox falls on 23 September, so our days will begin to get shorter and we start the shift towards longer nights, darker days and descend into winter. We bid farewell to summer, a lighter, flirtier more energetic season, generally a time where we are busy packing in all layers of life. Autumn in contrast, offers a period of harvest, things dying off, coming to a natural end, a time we become more introverted, reflective and, well, tired. As the trees go back into their roots, we are also afforded the opportunity to draw in, retreat, reflect and reconnect by releasing the stuff we don´t need.

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Newsflash// (Free!) Kulturnatt Yoga Disco & Silent Disco party night this Friday in Bergen, Norway!

half moon

Yoga Recipe // Hey Moon!

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Yoga Recipe // Bizarre Love Triangle (pose)


Sound Advice: Easy does it

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Sound Advice: Emerging // a playlist for breaking waves

yoga recipe warrior 2

Yoga Recipe: Warrior 2 a.k.a let´s be lovers not fighters

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Newsflash: Yoga Disco @ the Lick Warehouse, Brighton this Thursday!