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YOGA RECIPE // Balm for your bits – a video sequence

Here you are loves, this week it´s a(nother) video! It´s a restorative practice this time, and it´s one i take regularly which really helps me to feel grounded ,relieves stress, anxiety, unravels the chest, hips and cranky low back sensations. I sped it up as i like to hang out in these ones for a LONG […]


YOGA RECIPE // mmm, toothpaste twists and backbends!

I don´t know about you but tiredness has defo been a “thing” for me this week. This heavy, lethargic feeling makes me yearn to unblock the stagnant stuff. Most of the time, backbends are regarded as being the ultimate energisers, little espresso shots of pizzaz. Twists are great for rinsing out or resetting things. Put […]

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Yoga Disco // a photo series by Francesca Alviani

FRESH POTS! A full on Dave Grohl on coffee excitement and appreciation- that´s how i feel about this woman´s work! We are so grateful to the AMAZING Francesca Alviani who came along to the Yoga Disco at Landmark in Bergen and worked her magic – here´s a selection of images. Check out her other amazing work here!

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Always “on”? Some tips for managing the online world

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Sound Advice: Lessons in Trust plus Bergen this autumn?

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Kulturnatt // Yoga Disco & Silent Art Disco – Pictures and Videos!

silent art disco

Newsflash// (Free!) Kulturnatt Yoga Disco & Silent Disco party night this Friday in Bergen, Norway!

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Yoga Recipe // Hey Moon!

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Yoga Recipe // Bizarre Love Triangle (pose)