Music + Movement @ Patterns Brighton



In collaboration with CULT MILK and their interactive all day art event, Ketil and I will be sharing a Music + Movement yoga session to kick off the day!

Ketil will play some compositions live and mix them up with our fave vibe songs which will be a sweet compliment to our movement journey.


Sunday chill vibes
Delicate exploration of territory
Experiments in fluidity, movement and ease
Slowing down
Letting go
Finding your true form and celebrating that
Softening hard edges
Dissolving drama
No pressure
Just you and your adventure (us)
Perhaps some jewels
Play. Rest. Breathe. Be.
Feel it all around
Space is the place. 

here´s a sniff:


*Places are limited and are assigned on a first come, first served basis.

*To register and reserve your space or ask any questions, email dionneyoga@gmail.com.

Link to Facebook event page here

Link to monthly CULT MILK event page here


10 Marine Parade

Hope to see you there!

music & movement @ patterns


Hello, I’m Dionne, a yoga teacher, DJ and writer based between Brighton UK and Bergen, Norway. Here are some of my thoughts on my approach to yoga.

Photo Credit: Francesca Alviani

Photo Credit: Francesca Alviani










PRIVATE CLASSES – 1 TO 1 AND SMALL GROUP CLASSES (Contact me for more information)

Based in Brighton with a weekly community class at the Lick Warehouse, I also teach in Norway at the end of every month and continue the residency in Norway´s oldest Kindergaten, Herosalen, Bergen Barneasyl, and lead the  art + yoga events in collaboration with KODE the art galleries of Bergen. I also host the Yoga Disco concept, as well as hosting events for festivals, workshops and retreats in Norway and the UK. I am honoured to also collaborate with Sjelevarme, an alternative and holistic health organisation in Bergen, Norway, as well as The Alma Hub Project, an organisation devoted to the art of creative living based in London and beyond.

Photo credit: Jean Cena http://flavors.me/jeanchristine

I have drawn inspiration and experience from a range of places, and seek to combine my passion for creativity and music with the art of yoga. Studying a variety of yoga styles for a number of years, i´ve been lucky enough to have met many great teachers along the way on and off the mat. This site is a collation of ongoing study of yoga through the blog, tracking my (somewhat excruciating)

progress, mishaps and “adventures” as a teacher and student during my transition abroad, hopefully learning something in the process. There is a collection of playlists curated for classes or listening pleasure, information about yoga events curated in galleries and landmarks, a current and past projects calendar including DJ work and writing, and more. Please feel free to have a look around and ask me anything, keep in touch and thanks for stopping by.


About Dionne

photo credit: Ida Andersen

photo credit: Ida Andersen

Dionne Elizabeth is a yoga teacher, DJ and writer from the UK who has previously lived in Brighton, London, Barcelona, Côte d’Azur and the Caribbean.  She holds a weekly community class at the Lick Warehouse in Brighton, twice-monthly residency in Norway´s oldest Kindergaten, Herosalen, Bergen Barneasyl, and leads a twice-monthly art and yoga event in collaboration with KODE the art galleries of Bergen. She also hosts the first Yoga Disco concept, as well as hosting events for festivals, workshops and retreats both in the UK and Norway.

During her career she has worked primarily in the creative industries, including music, photography, publishing, film, television, new media, arts empowerment and PR. Whilst in Brighton she worked in radio, and presented TotallyWired on Brighton’s 107.2fm station in the UK, worked for an online specialist music radio station, and undertook production projects including specialist shows for The Independent, Music Week and a sound installation for White Night-Nuit Blanche, an annual all night arts festival exchange between Brighton, UK and Amiens, France.

During her time in Bergen, she has played at various events alone, and with her partner Ketil (Brød & Smør DJs) and locations including: Bergen Kjott, Landmark, Finken (Klubb Kannibal), Logen (17 Mai celebrations), Vamoose, Kvarteret, Studio Bergen, Knipsu,  Folk & Røvere, Krystal,  Chagalle, was the sound designer, DJ and actress in a production for Den National Scene, the national theatre in Bergen as well as putting on popular dance concept events (Shake your Pants).
She currently teaches yoga in Brighton and Bergen, holding regular classes and workshops in and around the city, as well as creating events in galleries, museums and cultural landmarks with a soundtrack curated for each class. As well as the project at the art museums of Bergen, she hosts weekly art-yoga-music classes in the community collaborating with local artists to combine yoga with other mediums including dance and sound meditation. In 2012 she was sound designer, DJ and actress for a production at the National Theatre in Bergen. She is also editing her first novel.

9 thoughts on “Welcome

  1. Hi there,
    Iam a journalist by proffession moved to bergen last year. Iam from India and teach yoga. Iam writing my first novel which is expected to be completed within a month. I would like to get in touch with you. Advise me please.

  2. Hey Dionne =)

    I used to take your yoga classes at SIB, and I loved them! I have learned so much about yoga and life. I used to study something I did not enjoy, because I thought that was what I “needed” to do. During that year of school, I look forward to your yoga classes; Thought of them as my time to recharge my positive energy. So, I want to thank you for……being you! =)

    For bringing your lively, positive and open spirit to your yoga classes. For shearing your experiences in life and your knowledge. For telling your class that we are perfect just the way we are =D” I always went out of your class feeling perfect =) happy about myself… ~ in peace with myself.

    I am now chasing my dreams~I don’t know if I will reach them, but I feel happy anyway =) Because I am listening to my body~ my heart and mind; Im listening to what I want! and that feels great… Thank you for teaching me how to listen”

    I wish you all the luck on your new projects =)
    May your life be filled with love and happiness”~

    Thankful regards form a person you have inspired and encouraged;


  3. Dione, fab class yesterday at the Om Yoga Show in Manchester. You were brilliant just like the beautiful lighting and music.
    Regards Stella
    Ps Robin will be in touch (Footballer in Norway) xxx

    • Stella! SO great to meet you in Manchester! Hope to see you soon and look forward to speaking to Robin :) Big hug you amazing woman! x x x

  4. Hei Hei
    I am a student from the Netherlands but currently studying in Bergen and I love love yoga and am looking for a class to go to, could you help me possibly?

    • Hei Sarah, i´m afraid i´m not on the ground as yet so best advice is to try and try! If you´re interested in coming to my sessions, i´ll be returning to Bergen at the end of the month – please check my blog or schedule where you can get all the details. Enjoy Bergen! :)

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