yoga at hen brighton

Newsflash: Hatching morning yoga at Hen this Friday:::🐣

I´m really excited to share a new yoga project in Brighton: A series of Friday morning yoga sessions at Hen Restaurant starting this week! What to Eggspect (!) : yoga and movement techniques, space-making explorations and good vibes, then feel welcome to stick around afterwards for some tea, coffee or other treats in Hen´s cosy nest! Every body is welcome, […]

self-care on Harold (the sofa)

Lately: Studies in Self Care and Good Feelings! (plus pics)

Hiya! Hope this finds you well and happy, if not, I hope you feel better soon. I´ve missed lurking on here, connecting with folks. Have felt the need to explain my absence from here for some time. I´ve been moving through some health-related stuff, but happy to say i´m on the road to recovery. Glad to […]

Brighton Summer Retreat 1

Brighton Summer Retreat 2015 – Film and Pictures!

So so so so so many good vibes! Still high from an amazing few days with some equally amazing people who joined us in Brighton for our Summer Retreat. <3  It was: Elderflower and bunting and yoga and rainbows and cake and movement and seagulls and Pride and massages and seagulls and picnics and bike rides and […]

eat everything

Mat Meg (tooth extraction series): Avocado & Raw Chocolate Smoothie plus Fine´s Egg recipe!

Having some unexpected time in bed following a surprise tooth extraction (shout out to my impacted wisdom tooth siblings!) Felt as it was a food related post i´d save you from a picture of said tooth (will perhaps make a necklace instead…) Anyway! Most of you know i. love. my. food. So as it´s now somewhat […]


A letter to Bergen and surrounding area, part 2

Hiya love, Hope this reaches you well, wherever you might be and you´ve enjoyed your pinse break! In fact, hope your May is spiffing, know it´s a busy and exciting month for so many, plus, well, spring in Bergen right? Thought i´d write you a letter to update you on some bits and bobs. Firstly, […]

meg visiting from Paris

Lately// 10 things i learned about advanced yoga teacher training + London/Brighton life photo roundup

Hiya loves! Hope you´re well and good! I´m finally back in Brighton following my advanced yoga teacher training course in London with Jason Crandell and it´s been an amazing and intense journey! Have missed you lots and i´m really excited to share a bit of a roundup plus some of the many things i´ve learned […]

jason crandell advanced teacher training london

Lately: Jason Crandell Advanced Teacher Training

Hiya! Hope you’re swell and taking care of you on these balmy spring (summer?!) days! I’m almost at the end of the first module in my advanced teacher training with (king) Jason Crandell and it’s intense, nourishing and marvellous with lots of “ah-ha’s” (not the band!) and jam packed full days in London. Have spent a […]

here's Milly in all her regal wisdom and me as her willing and eager servant. Happily. 💖

Sound advice: Life lessons from Milly the dog!

So, we´re looking after our lovely neighbours dog. Her name is Millie and she´s the greatest. Have been indulging in lots of play and fun in the park and on the beach. The thing about dogs is, like most animals, they have the ability to constantly remind us to be in the present moment. No […]


HAPPY INTERNATIONAL WOMEN´S DAY // CELEBRATING WOMEN EVERY DAY! (inspiration station multimedia emporium enclosed)

I feel so lucky to have many amazing women in my life. My bonkersly brilliant mum for starters, and all the amazing women in my dear family and friends who have all influenced or inspired me in some way. I love women in general and feel that sacred connection between them is something I treasure. It´s […]


NEWSFLASH: Brighton Summer Retreat (official) announcement!

It´s official! We´re going ahead with the Brighton Summer Retreat! Thank you so much for your feedback! So far, 8 people have booked and there are now only 2 places remaining! Looking forward so much to sharing this with you! Read on for details! THE INTENTION Dust off the residue and immerse yourself in yoga, exploration, amazing […]

brød og smør

Thank you, Bergen! (A meaty and hearty multimedia post from our Bergen tour!)

Takk, Bergen! For a wonderful trip and for so many of you coming out to join in shenanigans! Such a treat to be able to share these projects with you. Thank you for being so game, open and playful, but most of all, inspiring me with your practice and connection. Thank you for showing up, […]

healing brighton

Under the weather? Some (updated) tips and tricks!

✨💙🔸✨healing🌅place✨🔹💛✨ Been totes exhausted this week and of course being run down meant I caught a cold. 👎😞 *cue raspberry claxon* So many remedies and lots of rest- finally starting to feel more myself again. Know I haven’t been alone in this grotty period so if you have any tips or remedies that you recommend, […]


Trouble Sleeping? Insomnia (insomni-arrrgh!) and tips on how to deal with it

In no way do I consider myself a doctor. But i´ve experienced a hell of a lot of insomnia in my lifetime (lifetime = currently 34.75 years on this planet). I know i´m not alone, and am frequently asked about ways to manage it, especially at this time of year, so I thought I would put […]


Sound advice – Waves: the swimming granny

this lovely film by Faroese filmaker Heiðrik á Heygum touched me. feeling she nails it in describing the importance of discovering the remedy to experience her moment. hope you can tune in to whatever gives you those feelings and ravish them! thanks to The Island Review for this!

dionne yoga

“It is both a blessing and a curse to feel everything so deeply”

I’m quite open about my journey with anxiety and panic attacks spurring my journey to yoga. I tend to gloss over the “gory details” though. the darkness that looms everywhere the self loathing, self harm and abusive self criticism. the traumas and hauntings from childhood abuse manifested as haunting memory the developing agoraphobia, avoidance of […]

Eat what you want eat them too

On: the yoga and food “thing”, revisited.

✌ Loves, I’m tired of reading people lecturing others on what they should or shouldn’t eat. I’m not rejecting suggestions or to learn about food and nutrition because i appreciate those who share ideas and food is one of my fave pastimes (get in my mouth!😛👈) but when sharing and advising veers into territory that […]

do you boo

Sound Advice: On going for what you want. And not caring what people think

Don´t hate what you don´t understand. Don’t judge what you don´t understand. Be yourself for everyone is taken. And so on. I always wanted to be a writer. Correction, an author. From as long as I can remember i´ve been writing. It feels like my most comfortable realm to inhabit, surrounded by the comforting friendship […]

lick blog feature

i´m on the Lick blog!

I was featured on the @lickyogurt blog and said some things (mostly about the Lick Yoga project, my yoga “journey” through anxiety disorder and the things that ping my pants) You can read it on the Lick blog here!

yoga recipe twist 3

Yoga Recipe: “a seated twist and optional hamstring-outer hip-stretch-kind-of-thingy”

This week´s Yoga Recipe is a bit of a rinse out in celebration of Mercury going direct (last weekend) as well as the clocks going back an hour for some of us, and hopefully the “winning” of an extra hour (in bed or elsewhere). Pleased. A seated twist and optional hamstring-outer hip- stretch-kind-of-thingy (official name, […]


Teetering on the cusp of transition: Behold! The Autumn Equinox!

Transition. This is the equinox in a conker shell! We are literally teetering on the cusp as day and night become equal portions. This year´s autumn equinox falls on 23 September, so our days will begin to get shorter and we start the shift towards longer nights, darker days and descend into winter. We bid farewell to summer, a lighter, flirtier more energetic season, generally a time where we are busy packing in all layers of life. Autumn in contrast, offers a period of harvest, things dying off, coming to a natural end, a time we become more introverted, reflective and, well, tired. As the trees go back into their roots, we are also afforded the opportunity to draw in, retreat, reflect and reconnect by releasing the stuff we don´t need.

oslo this Saturday

NEWSFLASH (reminder) /// Oslo this Saturday for Music + Movement plus Silent Disco – Yay! ✨ 🌈⏰🎹✨

float playlist

Playlist // Float

Music + Movement @ Patterns Brighton

Yoga // MUSIC + MOVEMENT this Sunday @ Patterns, Brighton ✨💜🔵🔶🔺🎶🏃